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The Story of Prince Made Bespoke

Prince Made Bespoke is a sartorial specialist based in London, creating lasting memories with great designs and excellent service.

Prince Made started PMB in 2016. He previously worked with high end fashion retailers while at university. During his time there he honed skills that he still counts valuable today. However the true passion to launch PMB started many years before that in Africa, where he lived when he was a young boy. At the age of 6, he was given a suit as a gift for his 6th birthday. It created in him a love for suits that has never died down. The immense sense of success, pride and confidence were the emotions felt every time Prince wore that suit. That was the beginning of the vision, to recreate similar emotions for every client. With every piece that PMB creates.

PMB is disrupting the industry by offering high-end fabrics, designs and premium service for affordable prices without compromising on quality. This is encompassed in the company’s hashtag ‘PMB Experience’. PMB clients are given the luxury and exclusive care with every encounter they have with the company. Clients are visited in the comfort of their home, office or neutral location. Moreover, clients are able to ‘build’ their garment through in-depth consultation process and design illustrators. Customers can truly experience luxury in the comfort of their home.

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